New(ISH) mix from Natural Self

За да не трупам каквито и да е заслуги над моята скромна личност, само предавам това, което сам Natural Self съобщава (за онези, които са го изпуснали от поглед, въобще не им влиза в погледа или нещо в тоя ред):

“Hey everybody, This is a mix I did a few months ago. For some reason it has only just been put up now but never mind, I’m pretty pleased with it so I thought I’d bring it to your attention anyway.”


1. Natural Self Introduction [Tru-Thoughts]
2. Kidkanevil The Profound Truth [First Word]
3. Dj Enki Southpaw Piano [Slept On Records]
4. E da Boss Feat Gift of Gab Left Side of the Brain [Slept On Records]
5. E da BossFeat Gift of Gab and Lateef Go Left [Om Hip hop]
6. Natural Self The Sound [Breakin Bread]
7. Natural Self In the Morning [Tru-Thoughts]
8. The Plumstead Radical Club One Way (Natural Self remix) [Impossible Ark]
9. Eric B & Rakim Don’t Sweat the Technique [RCA]
10. Nice and Nasty 3 The Ultimate Rap [Holiday]
11. Cosmic Force Trinidad Bump [Truth & Soul]
12. Natural Self In the Morning (Version) [Tru-Thoughts]
13. Ogyataana Show Band Disco Africa ( E8 Highlife (Capstone Edit)) [Soundway-Sofrito Specials]
14. Broki and Hector Calderon Comparsa [ABCD]
15. Natural Self Vs Sofrito Fire De Body [ ]
16. Jacki Mittoo Give Me a little Sunshine [ ]



3 thoughts on “New(ISH) mix from Natural Self

  1. ei maja vreme e da pochnesh da si spisvash review-tata na angliiski , veche gledam ima mejdynarodni fenove…i te zaslujavat da se nasladqt … da ne kaja poveche ot bg ‘publikata’
    e ti moje6 i na nemski de, ama da ne izbyrzvame po-dobre haha
    ai da kaja i az ne6to na angliiski:

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